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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  June 1, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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to an historic endeavor. captioned by the national captioning institute good morning. it's june 1. >> i'm cynee simpson. alison starling is on vacation. you can start watching her on abc 7 news at 5:00 and 11. we begin with the traffic and weather every 10 minutes. first, here's meteorologist adam caskey. good morning. another hot day to day, temperatures into the 90's, but we have changes on the way. behind it, the cooler air will start to filter into our area. 77 in mclean. leesburg 72. warrenton at 71.
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downtown d.c., northwest, 76. another warm start today . a bit of a precursor of what is to come later on this afternoon. he'd advisory from noon until 8:00 p.m. the blue ridge. it will feel like 100-105. as soon as lunchtime, a few scattered thunderstorms. not everybody will see a storm but locations that do, we could see some strong or severe storms. nothing too strong or severe happening around town right now. they are pulling up the lingering construction we had. if you are getting ready to head up, you will find things kind of status quo for you this morning. we have a light volume of traffic. pavement is dry. interstate travel, beltway travel. no accidents to report or broken-down vehicles reported. metrorail is also doing well. we will have more on traffic in
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10 minutes. we begin this morning with a murder mystery in montgomery county. last night, they found the body of a 12-year-old girl. this morning, her killer is on the loose. this happened along be 700 block of raven avenue. >> good morning. police are still out here on the scene. we know that there is a police officer that is here. last night there was shock and heightened emotion after word of the death spread. now police are searching for a suspect. overwhelming emotion and the flashing lights of police cruisers fill this gaither sburg community after a child was found dead inside your house. >> this is a quiet neighborhood. >> around 7:30 last night they were called to reagan avenue for
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an injury to a child. authorities said they found a 12-year-old little girl murdered. >> we are talking with other family members and neighbors to determine exactly what the circumstances were. >> police released two details but say they are investigating this as a homicide. neighbors and family say they have so many questions. rick lives down the street. he said he heard the screams. >> one of the officers said, we have a lot of blood. they rushed to the house. >> now again police have yet to release very many details surrounding this case. we hope to learn more from police later today. again, police remained out here on the scene this morning. police are investigating the crash in fauquier county that killed three young people. the building -- the vehicle they
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were and struck a tree yesterday afternoon. last night friends held a vigil for the victims. thes three were all killed. two teen boys were flown to a hospital. driver fatigue is blamed for a tour bus crash that killed four people. it was headed from north carolina to new york when it overturned yesterday morning on i-95. look at these pictures. they are devastating. they -- it took dozens of people to the hospital. sky express has been shut down. federal records show that the company has poured safety records. the metro region is sweating it out. adding to the misery, a major power outage in d.c. >> bad timing. julie is live in north east with
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how people are coping with extreme temperatures. >> this big building behind me, the federal energy regulatory commission, one of the buildings downtown with no power. there are several buildings without power this morning. pepco says it is because of the extreme heat. people have been using so much -- air conditioning that it overlying -- overpowered the power lines. on north capitol street since yesterday. many of the residents are disabled and were not able to use the elevators to get out for fresh air yesterday. it makes it very difficult for them. the extreme heat has made city services hard. yesterday, the fire chief in the district says 10 of the 25 ambulances were without service. while that was tough, the fire chief it does say that at no
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time were residence at risk. pepco says 4200 people around the district are without power but they are working throughout the night and throughout the morning to try to get the power restored to everyone. hopefully they get that a.c. cranking again. the space shuttle "endeavour" returned to earth for the final time after an historic mission to the international space station. >> welcome home, "endeavour". >> "endeavour" landed safely at kennedy space center just after 2:30 this morning. it flew more than 123 million miles a since it was first launched. it is not going to be decommissioned and sent to california science museum. president obama is scheduled to meet with republican leaders today to discuss raising the debt ceiling. it comes a day after the house
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rejected a bill that would increase the nation's borrowing limit but without any spending cuts. republicans say there will not raise the debt ceiling without the cuts. u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood will meet with key players in the battle over where to put the dulles metro station. the airport authority wants to put the station underground but local officials say it would cost too much. over $330 million to put it underground. that is money they do not want to spend. >> we will see how that works out. >> 75 degrees. >> still to come, mama grizzly. the donald. what happened when two possible presidential candidates met. >> first another key advisory hours away. wellspring return anytime soon -- a
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adam caskey here. it will be another hot and humid day today, but relief is on the way. you'll feel the changes later on tonight as temperatures.
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drop. the humidity will plummet. that will be the biggest change to notice. heat advisory from noon until 8:00 p.m. that's east of the blue ridge. we're in the 70's right now. 77 at reagan national. 71 in martinsburg. hagerstown 75. quantico 77. afternoon storms. some of those could be severe. not everybody will see a storm. if we do get them, they could be damaging. tomorrow upper 80's, sunny, and less humid. talking about a significant drop in committee. a significant increase in the volume of traffic. 66 in and manassas.
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here we are in springfield on the way to the pentagon. in maryland 270 southbound. i-70 no accidents to report. a little bit hazy out there with temperatures things rolling nicely of ashburn, these . -- leesburg. the rolltoll road and route 7. >> it's 5:12 and 75 degrees. >> cell phones and cancer? the health report that affects half of the world. sarah palin and donald trump meet for pizza. is she in? host: could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? was abe lincoln honest? mary: does this dress make my backside look big? abe: perhaps... host: could switching to geico really
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save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: do dogs chase cats? ♪ 70's music ♪ sfx: squealing tires.
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checking our top stories on this wednesday morning.
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investigators want to know what happened to a 12-year-old girl who was found dead in gaithersburg. the child's body was found at home on raven avenue last night. authorities will not say how she died. they are interviewing family neighbors and friends. so far no rest. the extreme heat gripping the d.c. area is blamed for thousands of power outages. the hardest-hit areas are in northeast, d.c. buildings without power includes an apartment complex home to a building -- to people that are elderly and disabled. they can now be tried before a military commission at guantanamo bay. the government hopes to prosecute them in a federal court initially. it is 5:15. who's in and who's out? two republican presidential
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candidates are expected to make it official tomorrow. some say they are stealing a bit of the spotlight. we have details. john? >> good morning. you could call it the pete's a summit. -- the pizza summit. and unlikely dinner. pepperoni pie. donald trump is of the running but sarah palin, you could call her 2012 curious. she is not saying if she is running. who is looking to run against her is smichele bachmann. mitt romney is having a hard time getting recognition. a group of gop donors are arrived for dinner with new jersey governor chris christie with a plan to save the day.
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we are going to encourage him to think about getting in the race. we think his message will go over well. >> the moral seems to be if you want to get public interest, keep them guessing. that by the way is what rick perry, the former utah governor john huntsman and rudy guiliani it all seemed to be doing. now, 5:17. it turns out a plea deal could be in the works for john edwards, accused of using campaign funds to cover up an affair and an out-of-wedlock child. sources close to the investigation say edwards and prosecutors are arguing over whether that money was campaign contributions or a gift from a friend. anthony weiner was to put it incident involving his twitter
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account behind him. someone hacked into his account and sent a lewd photo to a seattle college student. he believes it was a prank but he has hired a lawyer . it is time to see just how high those temperatures are going today. >> we are off to another hot start at 75 degrees. >> 77 in some parts. welcome to the morning show. >> i'm glad to be here. >> the heat advisory in effect. 100-15. whoo-hoo! great! yes! a cold front is moving our way. it will affect major changes especially in humidity and temperatures. you'll notice the levels dropping -- boomo -- later on
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tonight. 97 the high. dulles we tiede a record. reagan national -- we cannot break the record. 77 in frederick and gaithersburg. quantico, 77. when you have temperatures at 5:19 a.m. in the 70's, there is a good chance it will be another scorcher and the afternoon. -- in the afternoon. the dewpoint in the lower 70's. that is when the humidity goes from i noticed it a little bit too kind of uncomfortable to oppressive. that is going to change behind the cold front moving away. it is off to the midwest driving our way. it will move midday and the
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afternoon, likely triggering thunderstorms, some of which east of the shenandoah valley -- some of which could be strong to severe. not everybody will see a storm but where we do, it has the potential for large hail. scattered midday and afternoon storms. highs in the mid 90's. tomorrow, cooler and less humid. in the high 80's. looks pretty good for the weekend. warm. commute looks pretty good. interstate travel, beltway travel, through rock creek parkway, very quiet. no word on the chain bridge. the wilson bridge. traffic moving nicely on father hurley boulevard. it's 5:20 now and 75 degrees. >> coming up --
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>> wade alley oppop to james. >> the big 3 throw down on the big d. >> later today, actor david arquette comes clean today at 4:00.
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i looked down, i could not straighten my finger out anymore. i tore a tendon. but i guess it will be all
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right. i have to wear a splint probably for the rest of the playoffs, a couple of weeks. dirk dirk nowitzki has a torn ligament in his non- shooting hand. >> the mavericks trail mayumi. -- miami. >> when joaquim no lost the miami heat he told reporters that they are hollywood but could. -- but good. mavs in south beach. it was a close game until the fourth. look at dwyane wade. he goes for the three nails it. can't close the game? take a look at lebron james. he goes for the jam and-on. the heat up. this sums up the momentum.
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d. wade split 3 defenders, passes to bosh. heat win it. final score 92-84. that is a look at your morning sports. have a great day. time for miami. 5:25. the news continues. still ahead, a real royal wedding. one woman's surprise of a lifetime in kansas city. >> the heat we have been getting is causing power outages across the district. we will show you were coming up. some relief from the heat is on the way. we will talk to pitchers and [ male announcer
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington". on your side. a 12-year-old girl is found
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dead inside a montgomery county home. this morning police are searching for answers. good morning, washington. it is wednesday june 1. i am cynee simpson. >> much more on the top story. we begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we will be into the 90's again this afternoon. probably made 90's. but cooler and the next couple of days. later tonight, you will notice a change in humidity. welcomes by everybody. 78 in arlington. we are in the 70's ever were. it is an indicator of how warm it will be this afternoon. we have a heat advisory from noon until 8:00 p.m. for locations east of the blue ridge. it will combine to make it feel like it is 100-105. air temperatures in the mid
5:30 am
90's. we will have scattered midday and afternoon it thunderstorms. a little after lunch time, a few areas of storms. not everybody will see the storms but where they pop up, they could be severe. cooler sunny tomorrow. firefighters are battling a structure fire in arlington. it is carlin springs road closed in both directions for one block between north glebe road and george mason drive. so you are not going to be able to take it that portion of the highway. you can take 395. that's good. i have nothing to report a roundabout way. metrorail is on normal service. it's 5:30. we are following a developing story from montgomery county this morning. investigators are searching for
5:31 am
answers after the mysterious death of a 12-year-old girl. >> if she was found at the whole in the 700 block of raven avenue. >> you can see behind me, please remain on the scene this morning. authorities tell us this started when they got a call about 7:30 last night. when police arrived, they found the little girl dead inside her home. authorities tell us this all happened at 7:30 last night. they originally got a call for an injury to a child. once they got here, they found a 12-year-old little girl inside the house dead. police have not released any details as to how she died. authorities and not releasing any details at all surrounding this case. overwhelming emotion shock, and sadness filled this community last night. a number of neighbors wondering exactly what happened and asking
5:32 am
questions. now, please tell us they are questioning family, friends, and neighbors tried to get to the bottom of this, exactly what happened. please continue to search for a suspect. and new this morning police are investigating and deadly pedestrian accidents in laurel. a man was hit by a car at 11:00 last night around route 198. the man died at the scene. federal authorities are investigating a tour bus crash in for did that left four people dead. driver fatigue was a factor. the bus was headed from north carolina to new york. that is when it overturned yesterday morning along i-95. look at these pictures. more than 50 people were taken to the hospital. the bus operator was shut down
5:33 am
after that crash. it left dozens of people stranded. >> there is nothing we can do if they shut down, but it leaves me stuck. >> i cannot believe it. i do not know how we will get home tonight. >> the federal records show that sky express had a poor safety record. the driver, kim cheung is charged with reckless driving. step outside and you will know it. the d.c. region remains in the grip of a heat wave. >> the heat is being blamed for power outages. julie is live in northwest, washington. you are in front of the energy building. has the power come back on? >> no. you can take a look at the federal energy regulatory commission building -- lights out. pepco says because of the heat,
5:34 am
this is not the only business downtown in the dark. the extremely high temperatures were a major player at last night's nationals ball game. vendors say bottled water was the top seller. >> drink a lot of water, and everyone's in a while take a break. >> people are getting a sense of just how powerful this heat wave is. pepco says the amount of electricity used the past few days has overwhelmed power lines. last night the power was out at several large apartment complexes on north capitol . >> i had to scoot down the back steps to get outside. people cannot get downstairs because elevators are not working. >> the heat overpowered city services. 10 of the cities 25 ambulances were out of service yesterday. the fire chief says no residents were ever in danger. >> the system is working better than it was last night. the system is working. we are doing the best we can.
5:35 am
>> now pepco says they are working to restore the power this morning. earlier today at 5:00, there are 4200 customers without power. we just checked. right now there are 3600 people without power. they are working. go ahead and turn the a.c. back on. it's 5:35. we are taking a look at the day ahead. the accuracy of the breathalyzer instrument will top the agenda when it d.c. council members meet today. breath tests were discontinued last year when the police department found that they were poorly calibrated. the move is under way to revive the program. there is more pressure on the pentagon to delay the opening of the mark's center in alexandria. members of virginia's congressional delegation it sent a letter to robert gates. they want him to delay the move
5:36 am
for a year so that parking and transportation options can be finalized. the september move would bring another 6400 commuters to congested area. it is now 5:35 and 75 degrees. >> "endeavour" lands in darkness. shining the light on the legacy of space exploration. >> we have another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. stay with us.
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>> my name is brian. after you watch "good morning washington", come down and check out our macaroni and cheese. good morning washington. >> 5:39, another warm, hazy start to our day. the sun is up in a few minutes. you can see the humidity across the nation's capital. look at that picture. it's not fog. it's haze. woodbridge 75. chantilly 73. waldorf at 72. the vast majority of recording stations are in the 70's. downtown at 75 along with
5:40 am
alexandria. heat advisory in affect from noon until 8:00 p.m. the heat and humidity will make it feel like it is anywhere from 100-105. we made it to 98 at reagan national yesterday. that was one degree shy of a record. we did break a record. i will talk more about that coming up. we will have thunderstorms midday and afternoon, some of which could be severe, but scattered in nature. here comes the stormy traffic. on 95 between richmond and baltimore, normal travel times. although the volume is changing. 270 out of frederick into montgomery county. the slowdown. we go back to that time spent -- time stamp between father hurley boulevard. no problems to report on 28 between centreville and
5:41 am
sterling. newschopper 7 in a while. still about 75 degrees outside. >> we will show you the room and a proposal that wowed the crowd. >> and "endeavour"'s final mission comes to an [ male announcer
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checking our top stories. police are searching for the person who killed a 12-year-old girl in gaithersburg. the child was found dead at a whole on raven -- at a home on raven avenue. detectives are interviewing potential witnesses. the danger is heat is being blamed for thousands of power outages across our region. northeast d.c. is one of the hardest-hit areas.
5:45 am
buildings without power include an apartment complex that is home to people who are elderly or disabled. a former friend of casey and the will be back on the stand today. this comes -- a former friend of casey anthony will be back on the stand today. anthony is charged with kayleigh's death. the space shuttle "endeavour" returns home. the final mission ended a few hours ago. >> gear down, locked. >> the space shuttle "endeavour" glided into the kennedy space center for the last time. >> welcome home. it is sad to see her land for the last time, but she has a great legacy. >> she was billed out of spare parts after the challenger accident and has flown -- she was built of spare parts after the challenger accident.
5:46 am
mark kellen will head back to houston thursday and be reunited with his wife congresswoman giffords. "endeavour" landed just as "atlantis" made its way to the launch pad. thousands of workers and their families came out to see the last of the court thaters -- the orbiters. >> look at the great things we have accomplished. >> chris will now bring toxic fuel and remove critical components while nasa figures out how to move the space shuttle to a museum near downtown los angeles. 5:16 is your time. new from around the region, maryland's new law allowing certain illegal immigrants to pay and state college tuition could be and jeopardy. opponents say the exceeded the number of signatures. they are trying to bring the issue to a referendum next year. former d.c. mayoral
5:47 am
candidate brown is expected to testify next week before a council committee. a panel is investigating hiring practices. he refused to testify before the committee previously. he says mayor vincent gray offered him a job and paid him to attack former mayor adrian fenty during the last election. an in-flight problem forced the united airlines flight to return to dulles. the faa says a fistfight broke out just shortly after the plane took off for ghana. one passenger was upset that another reclined his seat. two fighter jets had to escort the plane back to the airport. respected international panel says that low level radiation from cell phones may cause cancer. international agency for research on cancer reviewed dozens of published studies.
5:48 am
it concluded that cell phones are in the same carcinogenic category as gasoline engine exhaust and ddt. >> a lot more research needs to be done, but science is very slow on these matters. it took decades to move from cigarettes may cause harm to cigarettes actually cause harm. >> studies have not yet been done and on the effects of long- term cell phone used on children who are considered more susceptible to radiation. >> a lot of time to figure this out. we have all been using cell phones for a decade. that is a lot of exposure. >> tried to use your hands free more often. >> until we find out that the bluetooth is causing problems. >> can't lean on anything these days. life causes cancer. can we win with the weather? yes, tomorrow. >> we need a little bit of
5:49 am
patience. we have a cold front moving our way and that will cause some changes, good changes, for tomorrow and on into friday, especially in terms of humidity levels. bwi hit 97, a record. dulles tied a record at 94. reagan national, we made it all the way to 98 degrees yesterday and nothing to show for it. the record is 99 from 1991. the dewpoint temperatures. it is important because it tells us how comfortable or uncomfortable is. that's look at the numbers at or above 70, everywhere on the map. that is when the humidity level becomes oppressive. temperaturesiewise 77 degreees. s. at 5:49, and it's 77 degrees
5:50 am
that is an indicator of how it will be later this afternoon. look to the west -- see the green colors? cooler air. minneapolis at 56. chicago at 54. that cooler air will push our way and shoved aside all of the heat and humidity for a few days. we have relief on the way. you cannot see it other than a few clouds off to our west. that front will move in or around lunchtime today causing showers and thunderstorms scattered in nature. where we do get storms, they could contain some large hail and gusting winds. tomorrow, sunday cooler, less humid. highs in the upper 80's. yes, we have improvements along the way. a little bit hazy for most folks. we do not have any major accidents for interstate or
5:51 am
beltway travel. laura ling wrote between123 and -- lorton road on 123 some lingering traffic. metrorail running on normal service. carlin springs road is closed for one block so they can take care of the structure fire. we show you these cameras. and we will keep an eye on things. be back in 10 minutes. more americans are wining and dining. toyota hit a rough patch with another recall announcement. >> here's linda bell at bloomberg headquarters. >> good morning. you're right. let's begin with another prius recall. it is voluntarily recalling more
5:52 am
than 50,000 cars made from 2001-2003. it has to do with electric power steering that could get loose. elsewhere, americans need someone they can trust to handle our budget deficit but it seems they cannot turn to capitol hill. all polls shows that over half of americans do not trust president barack obama to handle our budget deficit and over half of those to not trust his economic team, either. 65% of those polled say they do not trust john boehner either. more people are wining and dining as the economy recovers. the l.a. times reports that wine sales are up 7% after a two-year slump. restaurateurs are seeing more diners order full bottles rathern than glasses. a little more wining and dining. >>t hat wine might be because we
5:53 am
are stressed out. just saying. it's 5:52, and warmuping up. [ male announcer ] there's a s w ride coming to busch gardens williamsburg -- mach tower. dude, it's like two hundred and... ...forty feet high... ...right in the middle of oktoberfest... ...the seats go, whoooa... ...up to the top, then... ...the music just stops. and the seats totally start shaking. it's insane. but then all of a sudden... [ group ] aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! [ male announcer ] mach tower. heart racing. jaw dropping. coming soon to busch gardens williamsburg.
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topping our morning chat, have an update on shawn kingston'condition.
5:56 am
his publicist says he is in critical but stable condition. his family is grateful for the prayers and support from fans. he was badly injured on sunday when his jet ski hit a miami bridge. he and a female passenger were rescued by a good samaritan. the passenger was released from the hospital. wishing them the very best. jumbo tron proposals. we have seen them at the baseball park for years. perhaps you are a little jaded. prepared to be unjaded. >> [inaudible] >> in what appeared to be a message from overseas, a service man proposes to his girlfriend. but then, to more extreme delight, he emerges from the crowd and comes down to meet his love with a diamond ring. >> she thought he was overseas.
5:57 am
i'm unjaded now. >> that's a good one. >> that'll give you chills. a standing ovation. >> aw, he put time and energy into that one. >> i read an article about ball park proposals and they have someone that talks to the guy looks into their relationship to make sure it will work out before they let him go through with it. stuff like that -- they do not just want a ton of it happening as a joke. they look into it at a lot of the ball parks. they researched a little. >> that is interesting. that could be very embarrassing after you put it up on the jumbo tron. >> exactly. they want to make sure they are ready and everything will go through. >> ballpark counseling. >> you have to pay for it. it goes towards a charity fund. >> that works. there is a lot more to come and the second hour of "good morning washington"
5:58 am
>> a food fight on capitol hill. why some lawmakers want the white house to back off a plan for healthier school lunches. >> police are searching for a suspect in the death of a young child in date his book. at 190 miles per hour, the wind will literally lift ordinary windshie wipers off the glass. so, did we build a slower car? or design wipers that could handle anything? what do you think? the cadillac cts-v, the world's fastest production sedan. we don't just make luxury cars, we make cadillacs
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